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The Hydro-Pure is an Advanced Purification System Device who produce Ozonated Water in order to use it for cleaning purposes. Hydro-Pure change the way we use to clean, by removing all soaps and detergents from the cleaning process. Using only cold water and air, the Device produces Ozonated Water which disinfect and clean clothes, vegetables, fruits, kitchen dishes, floors, glasses, windows, mirrors or tiles. Invented originally for disinfect fruits and vegetables for big food processing plants and farms, soon was found that the same process can be used for cleaning textile materials in industiral or domestic Washing Machines., Today the Ozone disinfection and cleaning process it is used in many other areas, the same way all soaps and detergents were used in the past and still used today.

Hydro-Pure use Ozone to produce Ozonated Water. The Ozone is produced from the Air and added to the water, increasing the water disinfection potential. The Ozonated Water it is introduced into the Washing Machine which has to be programmed to wash with Cold Water. Once the washing machine starts and open the water circuit, the Hydro-Pure device starts producing the Ozone, mix it with the cold water and send it to the washing machine. The water produced it is used to disinfect and clean all clothes and textile material inside the washing machine, without adding any chemical product as Detergents or Softners. The result is amazing, all textile material is really clean, without any odors. The wasted water has no chemicals products so can be used for watering plants without any problems. By using Hydro-Pure device we not only save money on detergents and softners, save energy costs by use Cold water instead of Heated water, but we are respectful with the environment by not poluting the water.

The Hydro-Pure installation process is very simple. They are not needed any special devices. The Water Inlet of the device has to be connected to a water source using the supplied hose and then the Water Outlet of the device has to be connected to the Washing Machine Water Inlet. Once the Power Supply it is conected to the device, the Power LED will indicate that the device it is on Stand By Mode. When the consumer (the Washing Machine), start the washing process and open the water circuit, the Hydro-Pure device will start producing the Ozonated Water. The device it is automatic and once it detects the water flow stopped, the device turn on the Stand By mode waiting to be needed again.

The obvious advantages of this device are:

- Important savings on Detergents and Softners

- Important savings on energy by using Cold Water instead of Hot water

- Better treatment for textile materials by not using chemicals

- Environmental Friendly by not using chemicals products

The Hydro-Pure device it is manufactured in two versions: Hydro Pure (Domestic range) and Hydro Pure Pro (Commercial Range). The difference between the units are basically based on the Ozone Concentration in Water, Ozone Production and Ozonated Water Flow. The Hydro Pure Pro unit it is designed for Commercial Activities where is a hard cleaning daily work and use big amounts of chemical detergents, softners or cleaning solutions.

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