• Hidrozone System

    Hidrozone System

    Hidrozone makes you forget the pool water has to be maintained...


Hidrozone is a new and revolutionary device which is part of the Smart Water Treatment System.

Installing the HIDROZONE device, in any aquatic installation, the chemical disinfectants products added regularly, as chlorine or bromine, are completely eliminated, ending in this manner all the problems that are related with the usage and the manipulation of these toxic products in high concentrations. The HIDROZONE device can be installed in new or existing installations, replacing in many cases the traditional Salt Chlorinator Systems because of its high efficiency, because of the quality of water, because of its simple installation and moreover because of the fact that there is no need of high concentrations of NaCl (common salt) in order to work properly. The HIDROZONE device gather its resources of water and air, and in very few instances needs the contribution of the external elements (in some cases, to increase the low conductivity of water). Composed of a Hydrolysis device and an Ozone Generator, it needs a minimal conductivity of water in order to produce the Hydrolysis reaction and air in order to generate the Ozone. Because it does not need any chemical products, disinfectants, or high concentration of salt (NaCl) this device is considered an ecological device. HIDROZONE is supplied with a Hydrolysys Central Unit, Hydrolysys Titanium Coated Cell, Ozone Generator, Redox sensor with Redox Control, pH sensor, ph Control and Maintenance Unit, Flow Control with flow sensor, Ozone injector, Ozone flow meter and all necesary connections for 50/63/90/110 mm PVC Rigid pipe.

Hidrozone details:

The Hidrozone Water Treatment System does not need any additional Chlorine or Bromine or any chemical products or disinfectants, in any of its forms (liquid, tablets or granulated).

It is a completely automatic system which maintains the water of the pool in optimal conditions at any moment.

The components of the HIDROZONE are: a hydrolysis device which is producing continuously peroxide, OH and oxygen with a minimum conductivity of the water (1000uS) and an Ozone generator which produces continuously from the air up to 1g/m3/h of Ozone (O3).

The conductivity of the water in many areas it is sufficient in order the hydrolysis reaction to take effect, and if that does not happen, the conductivity need to be increased until the device function at its optimal state.

The hydrolysis device has a flow sensor and a controller, a pH sensor and controller, a Redox sensor and controller, and a pH maintenance unit; optionally the device can have sensors for checking the water temperature and conductivity.

The Ozone generator is producing Ozone from the air and injecting it in the pool water. It is provide by a flow controller in order to regulate the Ozone quantity injected, and an universal kit for an easy and quick installation. The Ozone is a very powerful oxidant which gets rid of the bacterias, viruses, eliminates all the smells that the water may have and after all this work it transforms into oxygen. The Ozone is used for many years as a disinfecting element in many industries such as medical industry and also in the treatment of the bottled drinking water.

The HIDROZONE is not using any chemical products and is not leaving any chemical residues inside the pool water. The maintenance of the device is minimal since the device is automatized.

The HIDROZONE is supplied with all the accessories needed for an easy installation. The pipe required is standard rigid PVC - 50 mm, 63 mm, 90 mm or 110 mm, depending on the model of the device.

The HIDROZONE is recommended for the installations that have the Smart Ecological Filtration System, because of the minimal maintenance, important savings in water and energy and the lack of usage of the chemical products and disinfectants.

HIDROZONE has the patent pending number: US 2016/0122210 A1


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